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My goal is to help teachers feel empowered ​and prepared during these challenging ​times and to grow ALL students to become ​avid readers and writers.

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3rd-English II

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About Me

I have been teaching grades K-6, coaching teachers, and writing curriculum for 17 years in 3 different ​countries, with the past 9 years being in Texas public schools. I have worked on numerous TEA & ​Pearson anchor committees, item development, and standards setting for the new RLA STAAR test.

I provide step-by-step, easy to follow plans to help teachers and their students to be successful with ​Extended Constructed Response and Short Constructed Response questions.

Hands-on, color-coded activities aligned to the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) provide ​scaffolding while engaging and motivating students in order to meet their diverse needs.

My goal is to help teachers feel empowered and prepared during these challenging times and to grow ​ALL students to become avid readers and writers.

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Plano, Texas Workshops

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  • Email me for a quote to train teachers and coaches at ​your campus or district!

  • ECR Workshops, RLA STAAR Boot Camp, K-2 Workshops, ​Conferencing, Small Groups, and more...

  • Also available for consulting, coaching, and modeling ​lessons in classrooms!
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Online Courses

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Learn step-by-step plans & logistics ​for high-rigor stations to get your ​students ready for STAAR!

ECR Online Course

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On-demand course with ​videos for each lesson, ​slides, freebies, links, ​and more! ECR Basics & ​Best Practices, How to ​Get High Scoring ​Essays, Conferencing, ​and Hands-on Activities.

**Purchase Orders are available as well as tax exempt links. Email me:

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K-2 Reading & Writing Online Course!

This online course will ensure you are vertically aligned and give you ​strategies to use in your classroom right away to help your students ​to be avid readers and writers!

**Purchase Orders are available as well as tax exempt links. Email me:

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Small Groups, Stations, and Writing ​Conferencing ONLINE Workshop! NEW!

This course will show you step-by-step how to implement small groups and ​stations in your classroom. You will learn schedules, timelines, station ​content, how to create groups based on DATA, and how to effectively conduct ​and track writing conferences. Take this course if you want to level up your ​teaching and grow your students!

**Purchase Orders are available as well as tax exempt links. Email me:

Restate & Answer

SCR Puzzles

Filling in the Missing Pieces

ECR Color-Coded Samples

ECR Puzzles

Hands-on Revising

Scope & Sequence

3rd & 4th grade!

A look inside an ECR Resource... (8th grade)

NEW! Spanish!

3rd Grade ECR Resource!

NEW! Spanish!

4-Squares & Planners!

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