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(Shawntel Allen’s “classrooms without desks“)

I strive to continually engage in a high level of personal and professional growth and application of skills that will ultimately lead to enhancement of student learning. Here are some PD workshops I have attended that really inspired me! I hope they inspire you too!

Shawntel Allen:

Shawntel Allen‘s Powerpoint (PREZI) presentation from Pandora’s Box: How to shift from a 20th century classroom/school culture to a 21st century school/classroom culture -Project based Learning (PBL), AASSA, Campinas, Brazil (2011):

Shawntel Allen’s website (classrooms without desks/project based learning):


Dr. Yong Zhao:

Homogenization or Diversification: Education in the Age of Globalization, Keynote Speaker at AASSA, (2011)

Globalization, competition… an interesting video that looks at differences in the lives of two high school students in America, China and India.

Patrick Bassett:

Growth Mindsets at AASSA Conference, Campinas, Brazil (2011)


Lee Crockett:
Living on the Future Edge: Windows on Tomorrow, Keynote Speaker at AASSA, (2011)


Doug Johnson:

Integrating Technology Skills into an Information Literacy Curriculum, at AASSA, Campinas, Brazil (2011)
Learn how to create….
RSS feeds, etc.

Presentation tools:

1. Prezi-

2. Glogster-

Online virtual poster.

3. Animoto-

Great for creating fun videos to share with parents after a classroom party or end of year celebration!

Brainstorming tools:

4. TodaysMeet:

Create an online chatroom to backchannel with your students during videos and lectures.


Create graphic organizers collaboratively with your students.

Digital Storytelling: Create personalized stories with your students!

6. Storybird-

Beautiful illustrations to pick from and start creating stories! You can publish them to start your own classroom libraries.

7. Zooburst-

3D pop up books with your students as the main characters!

8. GoAnimate-

Create fun and engaging cartoons!

9. Voicethread-

Have students comment on pictures and videos in a way that you can assess their understanding in a fun and interactive way!

10. Wordle-

Copy and paste texts to create word clouds. Great for analyzing famous speeches and literature! (Student essays take on a whole new look with this tool!)

11. Edmodo-

Looks like Facebook, and is a great platform for teachers and students to assign and turn-in work.


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