Service & Values

I am not afraid of a challenge. My first year teaching, Hurricane Ivan destroyed the school where I was working in the Cayman Islands, and I was part of the amazing community that helped to rebuild the school from the ground up with little to no resources.  I could have easily given up and moved back to the US, many did, but I stayed and worked in a classroom with no ceiling, no books, no air-conditioning, and the ever-present noise of construction. With no curriculum or books, we put all of our energy into our students, hearing their tales of survival, and working on rebuilding emotions through poetry and writing stories. Eventually the 6:00 p.m. curfew was lifted and most of the electricity on the island restored. Through the generosity of many people, our families were fed, and our school was quickly rebuilt.

My classroom after Hurricane Ivan…

hurricane ivan

 We decided it was important to give back by donating whatever we could spare to children and families of Haiti, victims of not one but several natural disasters, coupled with extreme poverty. We collected backpacks of school supplies and bags of food. The local airline offered to fly the supplies there and we filled up three planes! That experience taught me that first of all we must always be flexible and be able to adapt to new situations. Secondly, it taught me that relationships are the key to a successful school community. Finally, I learned the importance of service and always putting others first, my life-long goal. I would like to work at a school that instills these same values. 

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