Science Plans

As Science Coordinator, I taught several workshops on teaching hands-on inquiry-based science. This is an example of a lesson that gets kids exploring, outside of the classroom, collecting flowers in order to investigate the flower parts. I also taught this as a workshop and had the teachers experience the lesson as the students and they too got to go outside and investigate flowers with their small groups! This lesson utilizes the SMART Board and a microscope camera. Students can come up to the front of the room to put their findings under the microscope camera to show the whole class on a big screen. You can use the microscope camera to show plants and insects really close up!


SCIENCE Lesson Plan – Flowers

Science Hands-On Activities – 4th and 5th Grade

SCIENCE Lesson Plan – Heart & Keeping Healthy 

Digestive System (5th & 6th grade):

SMART Board  Activity (collaboration, technology, SMART Board)

using technology in science hands-on

Creation of a Life-size Model of the digestive system using recycled materials- (collaboration, Art, creativity)


Creating Shelly



Digestive System Writing(Internet research, putting information in you own words, writing)

Student Writing Sample- Digestive System

Digestive System Collaborative Animation and PowerPoint Presentation (Animation, collaboration, technology, PowerPoint, editing, 5th and 6th graders)

small intestine

Digestive System Presentation


Natural Disaster Projects (5th grade):

(Inquiry-based, formulate questions, Internet research, collaboration, putting information in your own words-writing, graphics, speaking/presentation skills)

natural disaster poster Tsunami

Natural Disaster poster-Tornadoes



Multiple choice tests have their place, but in general, I prefer to give open-ended assessments in science whenever possible. The answers student write tell so much more about what they understand and whether they meet the grade level standard, approach or exceed the standard, based on specific learning objectives.

Open-ended assessment in Science-Answer Key

TEACHER ANSWER KEY for Science Test: Life Cycles

Science test on Life Cycles – answers

Open-ended assessment in Science-STUDENT SAMPLE-Exceeds Standard

Digestion (5th grade)

Science Open-ended Test – Exceeds

Open-ended assessment in Science-STUDENT SAMPLE-Meets Standard

Digestion (5th grade)

Science Open-ended Test – Meets



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