Lesson Plans

Project-based Learning (PBL) Plans 

  • Video production, technology, research, art, science, writing & reading

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Language Arts Plans

  • Blogging, Google docs, Writing, Reading & SMART Board


Math Plans 

  • Differentiated instruction, manipulatives & SMART Board


Science Plans 

  • Hands-on, active learning, student-directed inquiry & SMART Board

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My thoughts on instructional planning…

When I plan lessons, I consistently strive to differentiate my plans to meet the needs of all students. Self-reflection is very important in planning the next lesson and I ask myself continually: What worked? What didn’t? and What did students learn? I am constantly considering assessment data and overall student performance when planning lessons. My teaching style is what you would call hands-on student-directed, and I like to think of myself not as a teacher, but as a facilitator of learning


My preferred type of teaching is project-based learning, where subjects are integrated and students have the ability to collaborate and create. In my experience, students learn and remember the most using this strategy. However, I am also experienced in planning one-subject engaging hands-on lessons that match the curriculum of the school and are differentiated. Many of these lessons utilize the Smartboard or other classroom technology. These “typical” lessons are posted above.

Also, you will see some samples of student learning objectives. As part of my planning, I believe it is crucial to go over and discuss the learning objectives with students. They are not secret “teacher language”, and although I often rephrase them into kid-friendly language, I even like to print them (often in the form of a rubric) and glue them into notebooks for students to self-assess their learning during and at the end of a lesson. Sometimes I put them up on the Smartboard and students write them down. Either way, I always start a lesson with the learning objectives, “This is what we are going to learn…” and end a lesson with a reflection, “Did you learn these things?”