I initiated a school-wide campaign for healthy eating habits.

Step 1) Educate my students (5th/6th graders) in science class about nutrition.

Banana and apple

Step 2) My students educate other classes by doing presentations for KG-5th grade classes.

healthy plates

Step 3) Set up Positive Reinforcement Reward Star Chart for healthy eaters in the school cafeteria (trying fruits and vegetables, eating a serving of fruits or vegetables, eating a serving each of fruits and vegetables or more).


Step 4) Get parents involved with making healthy snacks once per month and selling for class fundraisers (Ex: $1 fruit/yogurt smoothies, veggies & dip, etc.)

veggies and dip

Step 5) Make small changes with the school cafeteria and administration to make healthier options (brown rice, steamed veggies, baked breaded chicken, baked fries, etc.)


Here are some websites we used:

HEALTHY EATING – Compare your eating habits to recommended foods for a healthy you!

Food Pyramid

Look up food labels with nutritional information for any food you type in the search box! It is like a virtual supermarket shopping trip!!! You can even select the serving size. Tells you the calories, fat, sugar, salt (sodium) and vitamins!

Nutrition Info (food label)

Click on fruit & veg to look up important nutritional information on many fruits and vegetables. Read the article “Why Eat Fruits and Vegetables?” by clicking on “Fruit and Veg” and then “Nutritional Information”. Finally, click on “The Nutritional Goodies in Fruits and Veggies”.

Amazing Nutrition KIDS site from Australia!